The Big Knights

Created and Directed by Neville Astley & Mark Baker. Produced by Claire Jennings
Written by Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Gary Parker & John Sparkes
A BBC Worldwide/The Big Knights Ltd Production Astley Baker Davies Ltd/™Astley Baker Davies Ltd


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In the far off land of Borovia, where dragons are fierce, witches are wicked, scientists are insane, the economy is bad and television is in black & white, stands Castle Big, home of The Big Knights

The Big Knights is BBC Television series of 13 short animated films. The tales revolve around the exploits of Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the World), Sir Morris (not the finest swordsman in the World, but the most enthusiastic) and their noble pets, Sir Horace the Dog and Sir Doris the Hamster.

Sir Boris and Sir Morris are brothers – they are the height of two men, the weight of four and the strength of sixteen. They ride out from their home, Castle Big, to right wrongs, rescue princesses and woe betide anything that gets in their way.

This does not always make things easy for the inhabitants of Borovia, who struggle to carry on with their everyday lives despite the Big Knights’ heroic adventures.

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