Jolly Roger

Directed by Mark Baker, Produced by Claire Jennings
Sound by Danny Hambrook, Music by Julian Nott, Editor Annie Kocur.
Written by Mark Baker & Neville Astley An Astley Baker/Silver Bird Production for Channel Four Television


click the play button or double-click on the movie itself to watch a 30" clip


Jolly Roger is a short (12 minutes) animation film by Mark Baker. It is a story of words and deeds on the high seas, and revolves around three main characters, Captain Jolly, Captain Roger and Estelle. There is also a parrot that can mimic any voice or noise with the accuracy of a tape recorder – and this causes problems, as almost the only dialogue in the film consists of direct orders from one character to another.

Captain Jolly is pure evil. He commands his huge pirate ship with glee, and is backed up by a crew of pirates that are like a swarm of angry hornets. No ship is safe from them.

Captain Roger is an heroic coward. When he is certain that he is in absolutely no danger, he relishes his role as pirate captain on his tiny ship, Nell. But at the first sign of any real danger, all his energy is directed towards escape – or rather, all his energy is directed towards shouting desperate orders to his one crew member, Hugo. Captain Roger and Hugo can be described as scavenger pirates – they never attack a ship directly but they like to pick up any flotsam left after the real pirates have left the scene.

Hugo, for his part is quite happy with his lot. His enormous physical size makes him almost unaware of danger. He follows every order to the letter and without .

Estelle, a captured French passenger, is made to walk the plank by Captain Jolly. She is incredibly strong willed and simply refuses to drown. Her one thought is for revenge at any cost.

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